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Welcome. I am glad you are here reading this. It means to me that you are curious and possibly looking for some answers. I can help you and I am interested in what you have to say. Talk therapy is a way to make some things better.

Tara Dubrow

B.A., LL.B.

Registered Psychotherapist 

ATPPP - Advanced Training Program 

In Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, 

Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, 

Affiliated with Department of Psychiatry,

University of Toronto & Office of Continuing

Education, Faculty of Medicine,

University of Toronto 


Member, CAPT

Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy

Member, Lacan Toronto

Do you often feel sad, with little or no outside interests and enjoyment? Do you feel especially nervous in social situations? Do you have trouble controlling anger? Are the relationships at home and work causing you pain? Does it feel like you are in a rut and can't seem to get out of it?


Perhaps it is time to consider, or re-consider, taking a step in the right direction. Would you like to talk to someone who knows how to listen? Are you interested in engaging with a therapist who strives to understand who you are and what you are going through? Are you inclined to explore and share in a safe atmosphere those unique elements of your life story that make you who you are?


Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, employment difficulties, health issues, trauma, weight concerns, compulsive behaviour and negative habits or relationship woes, talking about it is the first step to feeling better. And I am committed to making that happen. I have devoted myself to the theories and practice of psychotherapy over the last number of years. I began my professional career as a lawyer and later as a small business owner, but quickly learned that my strengths were best suited elsewhere. These other endeavors have helped me enormously with discipline, commitment, creativity, growth and a certain understanding of our behavioural tendencies as human beings. I know that I can use these past experiences to enhance the intimate and personal aspects of living through individual counseling and psychotherapy. I draw from what I know and have experienced and learned, to help you achieve your goals and ultimately feel better. I provide you with both evidence based short-term solution type strategies and longer term therapy, and help you access the resources needed to manage the stresses of life.  With clarification and increased awareness come feelings of relief, better coping and ultimately the essential tools that help get you out from what it is holding you in the place you no longer wish to be.


I am looking forward to meeting you and beginning the process of talk therapy together, and helping you in the way that I can to best facilitate the change you need.

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