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You may have some knowledge or no knowledge at all, of what therapy or counseling is about. You may have even been through the process at some time before. Whichever situation you may find yourself in, I offer a service that can make a difference. 

While there are many similarities we share as human beings, still, each of us is unique.  We are made up of layer upon layer of ways of being that make us who we are. In my practice of psychotherapy, I will listen attentively with openness in order to understand and to help.


My approach is client centred. This means that there is not one strategy that I use for all.  Because there are many differences among us, what works best is an individualized approach.  I focus on your particular needs and what is going on inside you.  In this way, we can best get to know what is going on not just in your life lived on the outside, but what is really going on internally. Then, we can begin the process towards change and feeling better.


There are multiple reasons why people first come to therapy. You may have a specific issue you would like to work on.  Or, perhaps you have an interest in broadening yourself psychologically or emotionally.  A crisis may have set you off course. You could be suffering from dissatisfaction, pain, hurt, anger, worry, anxiety, addiction, abuse, stress, emptiness or depression.   And, we can suffer on multiple fronts at the same time, or cycle from one to another.  Above all, we have a deep need for our needs to be recognized, and to be understood. This need can often go unmet. My aim is to understand you and help you feel understood.


Deep down many of us wish our lives could be more satisfying.  The question is how and where does one start?  We get to the point where we ask ourselves: How can I feel better?  How can I get relief from the stress I feel from my moods and my ways of thinking, my relationships, my work and the grind of living? How can I get out of this pain?  And with these important questions, you have embarked upon the path that leads to the beginning of the solution. I will help you explore and move through it.  


Ultimately, through therapy with me, you will be able to cope better, and walk through life with less difficulty, and greater insight and understanding, and growth. I provide a space that is safe and confidential. I commit to responding to your questions regarding therapy in a prompt manner, so that a dialogue can be fostered between us. The only regrettable thought or question is the one that never gets spoken.

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